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Empowering Seattle Performance Medicine

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Tue, 01/24/2012 - 9:27pm -- Andy

Seattle Performance Medicine is a health and wellness clinic that works with athletes and the general public to achieve their physical goals. They're just the type of business we love to work with: they're in our backyard, do important work, and are run by a team of sharp, motivated people.

I've known clinic founder Dr. Emily Cooper for years, and have worked closely with her to evolve and mature the clinic's Internet presence. When we first met, Emily was struggling with a website she didn't like, couldn't control, and that didn't reflect the clinic's excellent work. I helped Emily clean up some of the egregious problems, and in 2008 Heather and I built a gorgeous and clean custom brochure site for the clinic. The clinic works fast and runs a tight ship, though. It's been obvious for years that they need a CMS so that they can manage their own site content day to day. So just a few weeks ago DTEK completed the migration of the site to WordPress.

With the new site and our ongoing consultation, Emily and the Seattle Performance Medicine staff have full control over their Internet presence. WordPress lets them edit all of their site content and manage their library of excellent photos, and integrates with their social networks. We maintained the elegant look and feel from the brochure site, implementing it as a WordPress theme and rewriting it in HTML5.

Relationships like the one we have with Seattle Performance Medicine are hugely important and fulfilling for us. We look forward to continuing to empower the clinic as their Internet presence grows in the future. Cheers to your new site, Emily!

It's launch day for our project, so as always thanks, family, for your patience and support! Returning to my normal self shortly :) 9 hours 17 min ago
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I thought I'd have to upgrade in pieces due to financial and time constraints, however I was pleasantly surprised that the project could be done within my budget and time frame and result in a website product that was more than adequate and so vastly improved over my previous version.

- Emily C.