Web Strategy for Progressive Causes and Big Ideas

Web Strategy for Progressive Causes and Big Ideas

DTEK is a boutique web development and design shop powered by people. We build beautiful, sustainable, and empowering websites with Drupal and Wordpress. We support everything we create, and long-term relationships are our specialty.


Thoughtful Internet strategy, identity and brand consulting.


Design and development of open source websites that support your vision.


Long term relationships to keep your web presence as powerful as the work you do.

Recent Work

I particularly appreciated the clear contract that was provided prior to the project start and the payment breakdown which enabled me to plan and stay within my budget.

- Emily C.
It's launch day for our project, so as always thanks, family, for your patience and support! Returning to my normal self shortly :) 5 hours 14 min ago
Unfortunately, but hilariously, @zefrank made me spray my chili all over my coworkers in a fit of laughter at lunch today 19 hours 28 min ago
Nice @LeafletJS map with choropleth on that @CloudFlare SSL blog post, too. https://t.co/IUT7coo6K2 2 days 8 hours ago
RT @trevortimm: Huge. @CloudFlare turning on HTTPS for all its customers. 2 million sites will be encrypted by the end of the day. https://… 2 days 8 hours ago
@Bjoran_Identity yeah I know, right? Apparently a QA team, too 5 days 6 hours ago

Recent Blog Posts

Submitted by Andy on Wed, 08/21/2013 - 9:27am

A project we're working on requires responsive lists of content comprised of only teaser images and titles. For such lists to look decent, the elements need visual consistency by virtue of being the same height, though the titles may vary greatly... Read more

Submitted by Andy on Sun, 04/07/2013 - 12:19am

As a freelancer again, I've decided to get a PO Box for business mail.

Clients and colleagues, please update your records with the new address:

PO Box 20264
Seattle,... Read more

Submitted by Andy on Tue, 11/27/2012 - 10:33am

Building Drupal sites, I often want to create a placeholder for a small bit of content -- and track that placeholder in code (e.g. with Context, Panels, Features, etc) -- while still allowing the actual content to be edited freely by site editors... Read more